The Natural Power of Xanthones

Clearasteen is a high potent Mangosteen pericarp extract. It contains wide variety of Xanthones, the powerful antioxidants. Research suggests Xanthones have anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties and can help regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels.

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The Amazing Features Of Mangosteen Extract


Is this a medicine?

No. Clearasteen is an organic natural food supplement. It is created from organic Mangosteen exctract.

How to take Clearasteen?

We recommend taking one capsule (500mg) per day with a meal and a glass of water.

How do you invest in research?

We believe in open-source research. We will support with scholarships academic and scientific institutes that wish to research more about the medicinal properties of this amazing plant.

Should I consult my GP?

Our general recommendation is YES. Our bodies react differently to foods and if you have any conditions or you are taking any medications we would advise you to ask your GP first.